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5 Things to Consider before Plastering

Looking to get some walls, ceilings and even rooms plastered out?

Good Decision! However we always feel there are 5 things to consider before getting us in to carry out the works for you.

We in the past have carried our work for customers who haven't considered these 5 points and the main saying is ' I wish we had done this before you had plastered this out'

Now these 5 points

1. Do you need any Electrical Work?


Are you happy with the amount of Sockets in the Room? Or even the position they are fitted?

Now is a great time to plan, if you require additional sockets to be fitted or any re positioned now is the time to get this work completed.

Likewise if you are planning a change of Lighting, The picture above is a brand new extension ceiling which has been Plastered and Decorated. The client afterwards decided that they wanted spot lights, Now this is a additional cost to repair all of this damage caused.

If you need an electrician, we can recommend a great local firm!

2. Skirting Boards and Architrave?

Plan, Plan, Plan! Are you looking to renew the woodwork in the room in question?

New woodwork onto fresh plaster work really makes any room look like you have just walked into 

a brand new house. Skirting Boards, Architraves, Door casings and 

window cils are easy replaced and really transform a room.

There is nothing worse than after completing a job a customer saying

I wish we would of replaced the skirtings once we have skimmed down

into them!

3. Insulated Walls?

Is the room in question harder to heat up or do you just want to save some money

on your heating bills? Before any Plastering takes place its a good time to consider

if you wish to insulate the external walls of your rooms.

This is carried out by installing a Plasterboard which has Insulation

bonded to the back, These are fixed to your walls and Skim Finished

leaving you a nice smooth wall to paint.

Your external walls are responsible for 35% of heat loss in a home!

4. Alterations?

Are you happy with the lay our of your home?

Before any plastering a carried out it maybe a good idea to think about

if your happy with the layout of your home, for example.. is there a wall

you think would be better removed to open up an area? Or something

which we have been up to more recently is moving entrances into rooms

to create more space.

Have a chat with us about this if required?

5. Are you ready for this?

Are you? Everything considered your happy to go ahead.

Whilst we take the utmost care of your property whilst working

Plastering is an extremely dusty job, we do our best to keep the

mess to a minimum. But we will leave all work areas completely 

clean and tidy

Give us a call for a quotation and let us help you on your project

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