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MG Plastering - The Procedure

MG Plastering sometimes get asked the same questions from potential customers so below is a list of frequently asked questions with answers. This will also give you an idea on how we work and how we look after you as our customer.

Give us a call!

​Give us a call, we will discuss what type of work you require, from there we will arrange an appointment for a suitable time for us to call and quote for your work.

Appointment / Recommendations


At our appointment, we will discuss in detail what work is required. We will always try and explain why a certain type of work is required should there be any problem areas.

We see it as a duty to inform you of any problem areas should if effect the work which we will be taking on.

We will always note the work which is required and go away to work out the price for the job.

Your Quotation


On the site visit Michael will ask how you would like your quotation delivered to you.  We can either

  • Email

  • Text Message

  • Phone Call or

  • Post a Printed Quotation

All quotations will contain a full job description and prices for individual areas of the job. Having the quotation broken down makes it easier for the customer to understand what is costing what.

Accepting the Quotation

Once you have received our quotation for your work, you can either accept our quote online in the email which is sent to you. Or you could send us an email or call us on 07790881728.


From here we will discuss suitable dates for your work to take place.

Starting Work

So you have hired MG Plastering to undertake your plastering job. We will get in touch with you the afternoon/evening on the day before work is booked to arrange time of arrival or to even collect a key if you are not able to be home.

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