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Decorating Fresh Plastering to Ceilings and Walls in Leeds


We are asked after jobs we carry out for our clients in and around Leeds for tips on how to decorate fresh plasterwork

after we have completed. Below is a quick guide on when you are ready to decorate and how to decorate your fresh plaster.

After Plastering


You will find that the evening after you have had your ceiling and walls plastered, the colour will be a mix of colours mainly brown. This indicates that the plasterwork is still carrying moisture and needs to be left to dry out. See Photo to the left of what we mean about the colour of the plaster when still wet. At this stage it isnt ready for decoration.

Few Days of Drying Time


After a few days of drying time you will slowly start to see the plasterwork changing to a pale whitey shade. See photo to the left.

This isnt far from been able to decorate there are a few dark brown areas of work which still needs time to dry. But once all the plaster has turned the pale whitey shade your ready to crack on decorating.

Preparing Fresh Plasterwork


I recommend sealing your fresh plaster work with a 'white wash'

This is literally a watered down coat of white MATT EMULSION paint.


I personally would buy a cheap white Matt Emulsion from Wilkinsons or similar places and add 1 pint of water to every 5 litres of paint.


Once all dried out plaster work has been coated your ready to apply your decent quality paint on top!

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