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Gyproc Thermaline SUPER

Gyproc ThermaLine SUPER

Gyproc WallBoard factory-bonded to CFC-free, high thermal

performance phenolic foam insulant. Has good fire performance,

with Class 0 rating to both faces. Also has low toxicity and smoke

obscuration of less than 5%. Includes a vapour control layer as

standard to reduce risk of condensation.
Gyproc ThermaLine SUPER is a very high performing, yet

cost-effective, thermal laminate used for refurbishment and

room-in-the-roof applications where a substantial upgrade in

thermal insulation is required.


  • Faced with ivory coloured Gyproc WallBoard
  • Backed with brown coloured phenolic foam
  • Available in tapered edge only
  • Complies with EN 13950
  • Thermal Conductivity: WallBoard 0.19W/mK
  • Thermal Conductivity: Super phenolic foam 0.020W/mK to 0.021W/mK (dependent on thickness of foam)

50mm Board

Width        Length         Weight        Edge        Thermal resistance
  mm            mm              kg/m²          T/S                    m²K/W
1200            2400                6.5                T                        1.97


60mm Board

Width        Length        Weight         Edge         Thermal resistance
  mm            mm             kg/m²           T/S                    m²K/W
1200            2400               6.6                T                          2.56


70mm Board

Width        Length         Weight        Edge         Thermal resistance
  mm             mm             kg/m²          T/S                   m²K/W
1200           2400                6.7                T                        3.06


80mm Board

Width        Length         Weight        Edge        Thermal resistance
  mm             mm             kg/m²          T/S                    m²K/W
1200            2400                6.8               T                         3.56
90mm Board

Width        Length        Weight        Edge         Thermal resistance
  mm            mm            kg/m²           T/S                     m²K/W
1200            2400              6.9                T                          4.06

All Information has been provided by British Gypsum.

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