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Sunday - Day of Planning and Preparing for a Busy Week!

Monday is pretty much here again! MG Plastering are starting a new project in Leeds City Centre tomorrow for a firm we have done a fair bit for now FLEXit Solutions who are based up at Stanningley. We nipped into site Friday afternoon to see how they were getting on.

(Photo from Site Visit Friday)

This project is at The Embankment in Leeds City Centre, the plan is to create 5 new meeting rooms within a huge office space with each having there own big glass doors to allow loads of light into the rooms. On arrival Friday, we met the team we always follow on these jobs. Danny from Leeds Joinery Services was midway through firing all the stud work up shown in the photos, only a few more walls to put up early Monday morning and we can get all this Plasterboard' up and Skimmed!

I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this job, nice bit of area which should keep us out of mischief for a couple of days!

Keep an eye out for finished photos of this one.

Stud Work all Ready for Plasterboarding

Other News... We have a work placement lad starting with us tomorrow for a couple of days to hep him gain a bit of site experience, I'm looking forward to meeting him tomorrow for the first time. Hopefully we can get along and we can help train him like we have with other young lads over the past few years. Cant wait to be able to play a few pranks on him tomorrow however modern day apprentices are a bit more clued up than they used to be, I blame the internet!

(Photo we seen in the Daily Mirror a bit ago, we don't condone this at all but a few Childish pranks won't go a miss)

JohnPaul who has been with us nearly 4 years now is off work celebrating his 20th Birthday tomorrow, but with him been him, hes coming in in the morning to help us pick up the materials and drop them in the City Centre for the embankment job. Top Lad, always working hard trying to help push MG Plastering to the next level.

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Remember we are more than qualified to undertake any Plastering work to your property.

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