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Warmer Homes: The Benefits of Insulating Interior Walls

When it comes to looking at keeping your home warm, interior wall insulation stands out as a key solution.

Insulating your walls not only helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round but also brings along a host of other advantages like saving money on energy bills from heating not needing to be on for as long.

While traditional insulated plasterboards have long been a reliable choice, a newer, thinner alternative like CorkSol offers distinct benefits without eating into room space or requiring extensive modifications to woodwork, heating pipes and electrical fittings.

Additional Thermal Efficiency

  • Interior wall insulation provides a barrier against outdoor temperature fluctuations. This means cooler summers and warmer winters, creating a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home.

  • By insulating your walls, you minimize heat loss through the structure, leading to lower energy bills.

Quick Installation

  • Installing insulated plasterboards is a relatively quick and straightforward process compared to traditional insulation methods.

  • Minimal disruption during installation means you can enjoy the benefits of improved insulation without a lengthy construction process.

Insulating the interior walls of your home is a cost-effective method that offers a range benefits.

From energy bill savings and increased property value, this investment pays off in a number of ways.


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