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Breaking Down the Cost: Plasterboard and Skim Ceiling Prices

The cost of plasterboarding and skimming a ceiling in Leeds can vary based on several factors, including the size of the ceiling, the location, the complexity of the job, and the rates of the professionals you hire.

Here are some general cost ranges:

Plasterboard Installation:

  • Cost per square meter: £15 to £25

  • This includes materials and labor. Skimming (plastering) the Ceiling:

  • Price per square meter: £10 to £20

  • This also includes materials and labor.

Example Calculation:

Let's assume you have a standard-sized room with a 4m x 5m ceiling (20 square meters).

  • Plasterboard Installation:

  • Price: £15 per sq meter

  • Total Price: 20 sq meters * £15 per sq meter = £300

  • Skimming:

  • Price: £10 per sq meter

  • Total Price: 20 sq meters * £10 per sq meter = £200

Total Estimated Cost:

  • Plasterboarding: £300

  • Skimming: £200

  • Total: £500

Remember, these are rough estimates. Prices can vary based on location, the condition of the existing ceiling, additional work needed (like removal of old plaster), cleanliness required (like floors and furniture to dust sheet) and the specific rates of the plasterers you hire.

It's always best to get 3 quotes from local tradesmen to get a variation on prices.

These are just figures to help you budget, all tradesmen price differently.

Also remember there is a cost on waste disposal for waste from the work carried out.

If you are in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Wakefield and require a price on Plasterboard and Skim a Ceiling Contact us on 07790881728


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