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Skimming vs. Plastering - ''Know the Difference!"

When it comes to working on walls or ceilings, skimming and plastering are two common techniques employed to achieve a smoother and refreshed surface.

While they both aim to enhance the appearance of walls, they differ significantly in their application and purpose.


Skimming involves applying a thin layer of finishing plaster over an existing surface, typically to smooth out imperfections or to prepare it for painting or wallpapering. It's akin to giving a fresh coat of paint to a wall, but with plaster instead. Skimming is often used on walls that are structurally sound but have minor blemishes, such as small cracks or unevenness.


Plastering involves applying multiple coats of plaster to create a new surface layer.

This process is more extensive and is often used to repair severely damaged or uneven walls, or to create a completely new surface.

Plastering can involve more steps, including the application of a base coat or plasterboard followed by a finishing coat.


While skimming older walls can improve their appearance, it's essential to acknowledge that it may not entirely address underlying issues such as unbonded plaster, structural instability or moisture problems.

Additionally, due to the age and condition of existing walls, there's always a risk of cracks or other problems re-emerging over time, despite the skimming process.

It's crucial to assess the condition of the walls thoroughly before deciding whether skimming or plastering is the best solution.

While skimming offers a quicker and less invasive option for minor wall imperfections, plastering provides a more comprehensive solution for more significant repairs or renovations.


While skimming can offer a quick fix for older walls, it's important to understand its limitations.

While it can improve the appearance of walls, it may not entirely resolve underlying issues, and there's always a risk of future problems arising. However, with proper preparation and skilled application, skimming can still be a viable option for refreshing tired walls.

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